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ITW Global

ITW is a company operating on the global stage. Besides the Automotive OEM segment, ITW is represented in other different product segments. Included are Test & Measurement and Electronics, Food Equipment, the Construction Products sector, Polymers & Fluids and decorative surfaces, as well as countless other product segments that are making a significant contribution towards total revenues.

A well-known ITW phrase, “You are never more than 10 steps away from an ITW product”, has been coined for good reason.

Three principles of the corporate philosophy in particular have contributed towards today’s company ranking - the 80/20 principle, decentralization and innovation. ITW has a multifaceted setup, but every business division acts autonomously as much as possible in accordance with the 80/20 principle and focuses on its own core competences. ITW is committing itself to success through progress with the third principle – that of innovation. This is backed up by more than 12,000 active patents worldwide.